Scotch Ale 4

Scotch Ale 4

All ingredients fresh and ground right before packing:

6.6 lb munich light LME
2.0 lb munich malt 10L
0.5 lb M&F crystal malt (60L)
0.5 lb Ireks crystal malt (20L)
4.0 oz M&F chocolate malt (350L)
4.0 oz white wheat malt (2L)
2.0 oz Hugh Baird peat smoked malt (2L)
1.0 oz East Kent Goldings (60 min boil)
1.0 oz Fuggles (15 min boil)
1 tsp Irish moss/Yeast Energizer (15 min boil)
1 pkg Munich Dry Yeast
5 oz corn sugar (priming)
Muslin Grain Bag

mashed all the grains in 4 qts of 156F water for 1 hr
- sparged with 4 qts of 170F water
- SG of runnings: 1.036 in ~7 qts
- added LME, made volume up to 3 gal, boiled for 1 hr
- chilled with immersion chiller, aerated, made volume up to 5 gal, aerated some more, pitched 1 qt starter
- fermented at 65 - 68F

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