Apricot Ale

Apricot Ale

All ingredients fresh and ground right before packing:

4--1/2 pounds light dry malt extract
1 pound, German pilsner malt (steeped at 150 F for 1 hour)
1/4 teaspoon Irish moss/Yeast Energizer combo,
1 ounce, Chinook hops (12.2% alpha)
1/2 ounce, Mt. Hood hops (5.3% alpha)
1 packet, Dry ale yeast
3/4 cup, corn sugar for bottling
1 Muslin Grain Steeping Bag

Steep pilsner malt at 150 degrees for 1 hour. Strain and sparge grain. Add malt extract. Bring to boil and boile for 60 minutes. Add 1 ounce Chinook hops at 30 minutes. Add Mt. Hood in the last 2 minutes. The apricots were added at the end of the boil. The wort was then sparged into the primary fermentor, say about 10 minutes after the apricots were added. The wort was cooled over night and the yeast was pitched in the morning. After a week, the beer was racked to the secondary. Here it rested for one month (either I'm busy or patient; I wish I could say the latter) before bottling.

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