Al's Pale Ale

Al's Pale Ale

All ingredients fresh and ground right before packing:

3.3 pounds,Light Malt Extract extract
3 pounds, light dry malt extract
1/2 pound, crushed crystal malt (40 L.)
1 ounce, Clusters pellets (60 minute boil)
1/2 ounce, Fuggles pellets (15 minute boil)
1 ounce Goldings
5 oz Priming Sugar
1 pkg Dry Ale Brewing Yeast
1 Muslin Grain Bag

Steep the crushed crystal malt in a grain bag in the water as you bring it from cold to 170F, then remove. Don't boil the grains! I use two polyester hop bags, one for each addition, to simplify removing the hops after the boil. The wort must be cooled to 70 or 80F before aeration. I use an immersion chiller, which brings it from 212F to 70F in 15 minutes, and then pour the beer through a large funnel into the fermenter on top of the yeast. I recommend the blowoff method of fermentation---non-blowoff versions of this beer have tasted harsh, astringent and too bitter.

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